We are so excited to welcome back the Big Sleep in its new Covid safe format The Big Sleep Bubble 2021. The safety of our participants is our priority and we’ve revamped the format to ensure the event is not just Covid safe but Covid proof!


We recommend all participants take a test on the day of the event so that they can be sure they are safe to mix in their bubble. Free tests are now widely available at https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests, local pharmacies and by calling 119.


    We encourage all participants to raise a minimum of £25. The first 25 people signed up to the event who raise £25 or more online will receive a box to sleep in. We can only deliver the boxes to those who live within a 3 mile radius of Seaview.


    There are two ways of receiving a Big Sleep Hoodie:

    • The first 25 people to raise a minimum of £150 individual sponsorship online with dress size forwarded to the event organisers XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL by midnight Monday 13th September 2021 will have a 2021 Big Sleep Hoodie waiting for them at Seaview for collection prior to the event – date of arrival to be announced soon. Those who meet or exceed the target after this date will not receive a gifted hoodie.
    • You can purchase a previous years Big Sleep Hoodie and indeed a previous years Big Sleep T-shirt. Please head over to the Seaview eBay page https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/seaviewproject and purchase at a reduced rate.


    The first 50 people to raise a minimum of £75 will receive a bag of snacks ready for collection from Seaview.


    A prize, to be announced soon, will be given to the Bubble who raise the most sponsorship. The cut-off date to determine the Bubble that raises the highest sponsorship will be 10am Monday 11th October to be announced on our social media pages later that day. Cash sponsorship can be dropped into Seaview when we are open to the public Monday-Friday, please visit our website for details of opening times  www.seaviewproject.co.uk or phone 01424 717981 to let us know when you plan to visit.

    Highest fundraisers within bubbles will be determined by the amount raised in a bubble divided by the amount of people within the bubble. There is a meal prize provided by Half Man Half Burger for the highest fundraisers, with a further prize for the best photograph to later be announced!



    Participants who are under 18 years will need a parent or guardian to complete the Big Sleep Bubble disclaimer here which will give permission for those under 18 years to participate in the event. It is expected that a responsible adult is involved in taking responsibility for your safety and security for the period of the sleep out.


    It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure they are fit and healthy to sleep out overnight. If needed, participants should check with their doctor, prior to completing the application form and taking part in the event.


    A warm sleeping bag is essential for the sleep out and we strongly advise you have warm and water-proof clothing also. Boxes are available to the first 25 people to raise a minimum of £25 online and if the forecast is rain, we advise tarpaulin to cover your box.


    Seaview accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings during the sleep out.



    You are responsible for your own safety, please ensure your sleep out is based in a secure and safe environment and you have the owner’s permission to sleep out.


    Seaview will use the personal information provided for the purpose of registering you for the event. We will not pass on your details to any other parties. By entering the event you consent to your photograph and/or video recording being used in publications and media material for the sole purpose of promoting and evaluating the event.


    By registering to participate in the Big Sleep, I confirm and understand that I do so at my own risk. I understand that Seaview will not accept liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result of my participation in this event. I understand that medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner if I am in doubt as to my physical ability required to complete this event. By submitting the Big Sleep Bubble registration form on line I am agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions.

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